Sustainability is a journey without a final destination

Conserving resources, we continue the journey with the „Re:glaze“ collection. For the production of „Re:glaze“, we have raw materials saved from disposal, recycled and returned to the production cycle. The result is stoneware made from recycled clay, combined with a distinctive white and 100% recycled glaze - we call it „Sparkling White“. The characterful „Re:glaze“ collection is made in Portugal and naturally combines sustainability, function and timeless aesthetics.

The concept of ‚re:glaze‘ Kollektion

Use of alternative energies

The factory is powered 100% by solar in ideal conditions.

Glaze recycling

Excess glazes are collected and 100% recycled.

Reduction of water consumption

The water required for processing is treated in a plant and reused.

Heat efficiency

During firing, the supply of natural gas is constantly adjusted to the actual demand. The heat from the kilns is also recovered and reused.

Recycling of stoneware

Waste clay chips and unglazed products that do not pass quality control are returned 100% to the original material.

Raw material reduction

Materials that we cannot reuse (e.g. moulds, metal, paper) are collected by licensed operators and recycled in other industries.