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Klassisch minimalistische Formensprache. Versehen mit einer Effektglasur, die bei jedem Brand anders reagiert. Durch eine spezielle Glasur entstehen während des Brennvorgangs einzigartige Farbspiele und -schattierungen, die jedes Stu¨ck zu einem echten Unikat machen. Steinzeug • gebrannt bei 1180° C • reaktive Glasur • lebensmittelecht • mikrowellen-, geschirrspu¨l-, backofen -und gefrierfach-beständig. Dieses Produkt ist einzigartig. Das Ergebnis einer speziellen Glasur, die per Hand aufgetragen wird. Jedes Teil ist ein Einzelstück.

Materials: Stoneware
Color: beige
Finish: glossy
Height: 6.5 cm
Diameter: 23 cm
Care Guide
Oven safe
Freezer safe
Dishwasher safe


The "saisons" collection is handcrafted from stoneware in a small family business in Portugal. No less than three glazes - sand, denim & midnight blue - imitate the Portuguese coast and symbolize the sea, the sky and the beaches. Just as the ocean is sometimes more, sometimes less deep blue, the sand on the beach sometimes more, sometimes less fine and the sky sometimes more, sometimes less cloudy, so it is with the glazes of this collection. Each piece is truly unique. All three colors harmonize with each other or stand on their own. A variety of shapes for every occasion in a clear, reduced design language.

designed in germany

made in portugal

Responsibility. More than just a term for us. For more than three decades, we have taken it for granted that many of our products are produced in small family farms in Portugal. Years of close cooperation ensure that these people earn their livelihoods.