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Große Schale mit einem Durchmesser von 40,5 cm und einer Höhe von 20 cm. Die größte unserer Schalen eignet sich z.B. für mehrere Portionen Salat oder viel leckere Chips am Abend. Die schlichte Formensprache der ASA Selections ist auch bei der Geschirrkollektion grande umgesetzt worden. Zusammen mit der weiß lasierten, leicht glänzenden, Keramik ist dieses Service edel genug für ein Dinner unter Freunden. Durch die hochwertige Verarbeitung können Sie es auch für jeden Tag nutzen

Materials: Earthenware
Color: white
Finish: glossy
Height: 20 cm
Diameter: 40.5 cm
Care Guide
Oven safe
Freezer safe
Dishwasher safe


Mindfulness and respect. Valuing the important things correctly. Love for what you do. The pride of breathing life into raw materials with one's hands. Grande has its roots in the manufactory. Piece by piece, the handcrafted pieces tell of the people through whose hands they have passed. Of their profession, their love and passion with which they do their work. Like many generations before them, these people put their heart and soul behind what they do every day. Grande - fatto col cuore.

designed in germany

made in portugal

Responsibility. More than just a term for us. For more than three decades, we have taken it for granted that many of our products are produced in small family farms in Portugal. Years of close cooperation ensure that these people earn their livelihoods.