Over ASA-Selection

The success recipe has been from the start a concentration on a
consequent philosophy of „clear shapes and colours“. Unconventional and straightforward, feeling for trends and the spirit of the time, that’s how the collections are a distinctive mark and enjoy an excellent reputation. The ASA Selection collections stand for a modern design. For authentic products in the living worlds kitchen, set table and home. A unique mark across all product
lines is the consequently simple ASA SELECTION shape language.


Simple things are beautiful

Our demand is not for perfection, the one unique „great success“. Far more it’s the never-ending effort providing the simple everyday things always with some straightforwardness and serenity in a complicated life. One could say, purism with poetry. With lots of warmth and emotion. „Simple things are beautiful – the beautiful resides in the simple.“ Our claim for our label. Our life. Our demand. Lived trade mark philosophy.

only enjoy with people you like!
As a family-run business in 2nd generation we view respect, responsibility, reliability and loyalty towards employees and partners as taken for granted. Attentive contact and similar views for design and life connect our passion. It’s this passion as well as warmth and emotion - without these neither handcraft nor family function.

We live this family feeling in our daily contact with each other. Every noon we sit close together in our kitchen, get to know the table-mates between pasta and vegetables. Eat, laugh and live together. Simple. Plain. Human. And every year we devote this „we are family” feeling to a partner event in our headquarters. The ASA INDULGENCE & TRADEMARK DAYS are lived networking. A get-together of this sector around the set table, kitchen and home. Up to 20 major trade marks present innovative concepts, design and functional solutions. A highlight for indulgence and joy of life with guest star chefs and representatives from the high-class gastronomy.


We keep our production sites mostly in typical ceramic regions. Apart from productions in East Europe and Far East, three companies in Portugal and Germany exclusively manufacture products, carrying the brand logo ASA SELECTION. Years, decades of cooperation with the same production companies – only in this way quality can be guaranteed sustainably on the highest level and at the same time secures reliably the existence of many hundreds of families. The ASA SELECTION expertise in ceramics has started more than 40 years ago. Since then a lot has changed, our attitude to the people and handcraft hasn’t.


Eerlijk, duurzaam, handgemaakt


A major part of the tableware and living accessories is produced in porcelain and ceramic manufactories. Therefore, nearly each piece is a handmade unique item. Our goal is to promote joy of life with a clear design and a sustainable production. In this, products develop with character and personality. We are very glad, that this „trade mark” is repeatedly appreciated with international awards.

Next to prizes for good design we are especially proud of the award GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2023 for successful brand leadership in Germany.



When Yvonne Schubkegel, in the second year of the company’s founding, presents her drafts, based on white ceramic, to regional ceramic factories, she receives as an answer: „That doesn’t work, we never did it like that!“ Finally in Mogendorf (Westerwald region) she finds a cooperating company. Together with her „allies“, she leaves behind the sceptics and invests in drafts, products and a small warehouse, which soon is followed by bigger ones.

The first public presentation at the International Spring Fair in Frankfurt is the initial for the dynamic of this small make, which brands its design from the beginning with ASA SELECTION. The market absorbs the innovative product lines like a dry sponge. Following the first successes, the trade „lines up” at the fairs. The company grows, a sales and representative team develops. And quickly more own table ware series are created, vases, bowls, planters. Its trade mark: reduced shape language and clear colour groups. Slowly also the market in countries bordering Germany opens up and finally all around the globe.

Similar to the consistent fair presentations all over the world, the sales folders develop. The first self-written and hand-illustrated black/white catalogues evolve through the years into highly regarded „ASA-Design Books“. Elaborately photographed, designed and produced, catalogues are developed, which led the market. The highlight was the first „home by ASA” collection in 2003, which served as an inspiration for the following home by ASA stores. Today the catalogues are mostly photographed and produced in-house.

From the former „living accessories design workshop” gradually develops also a „well-laid table specialist“. Today, being led by the 2nd generation, in this solid family-run business one develops more and more often also table ware series for the high-class gastronomy in cooperation with star chefs like Tim Raue or Cornelia Poletto. FINE DINING by ASA Selection.

International star chefs and dedicated talented cooks worked magic with their masterpieces on highly rewarded table ware from ASA Selection on the occasion of the major event „CHEFSACHE“. In 2013 Reto Mathis, initiator and president of the St. Moritz Gourmetfestival, chose the Fine Bone China table ware „À TABLE“. Straightforward design, as a stage for „star creations“, supports without distracting.

The program of ASA SELECTION includes more than 2.400 different pieces. Every year 20 percent are exchanged. Together with her efficient design team Yvonne Schubkegel succeeds in accomplishing a whole series comprising of ten pieces within two weeks. A competitive advantage, which results from the expertise of this market specialist.